How to fix a snowmobile stator?

Fixing a snowmobile stator problem involves 3 steps:

  • Troubleshooting and diagnosing the problem
  • Finding a high quality replacement snowmobile stator
  • Installing the new snowmobile statore in your machine

This can seem overwhelming at first if you don't know where to start!  Let's look at each step in detail:

Troubleshooting and Diagnosing the Problem
Before replacing your snowmobile stator, you should know for sure that it is at fault. Depending on the year/make/model of snowmobile you own, a stator failure can cause issues with your battery charging, ignition system, and/or lighting system.  You will need to do some tests on the stator using a Digital Multimeter, which you can get here from RMSTATOR, along with a Voltage Peak adapter that lets you test your ignition system as well.  You will need the specifications for the stator, which you can get from your Factory Service Manual, which will explain each test in detail.  Also helpful is this universal stator troubleshooting flowchart from RMSTATOR, which you can easily download as a PDF file to print for your own reference.   You will need to complete all of the stator test steps in your Service Manual to fully check the charging, lighting, and/or ignition components of your stator. If you find one or more fails the tests, it is time to replace your snowmobile stator!

Finding a high quality replacement snowmobile stator
There is an important saying that holds very true for snowmobile stators: "You get what you pay for".  While customers are often tempted to buy the cheapest part they can find online to save some money, this is not a good idea with such a critical part, like a snowmobile stator.  Snowmobile riders often take their machines into remote areas with cold temperatures and harsh weather. An unreliable stator can't be tolerated on a snowmobile, where a failure can be extremely dangerous to the rider.  The cost of the part generally reflects the quality of the materials, the construction and assembly of the part, and the quality control and testing of the part.  The solution is RMSTATOR, the leading designer and manufacturer of snowmobile stators in North America. You can get a high quality stator, with an industry-leading warranty and technical support for a great price.

Installing the new snowmobile stator in your machine
You've figured out the problem, have a brand new high quality replacement snowmobile stator in your hand, and are ready to install it! Now what? The normal home mechanic can usually replace a snowmobile stator with common handtools, and a few hours free on a weekend.  However, the process varies depending on your snowmobile and engine.  The best thing you can do is refer to your Factory Service Manual, which will detail the removal of the old part, and installation of the new snowmobile stator.  With some patience and a decent set of tools, you should have no problems replacing the stator in your snowmobile.