Polaris snowmobile stator common failures

Polaris snowmobiles are less prone to stator failure than many other makes, but they still do fail. However, the most common failure on these snowmobiles is the Voltage Regulator-Rectifier. Here are a few models that are more prone to snowmobile stator failure (click on the model name for the correct stator):

2005 – 2006 Fusion 900 – RMK 900 Switchback

2004 – 2008 Classic Edge – Indy Touring 340cc

2010 – 2013 RMK Pro-RMK Rush Switchback 600 - 800

Since most Polaris snowmobiles use the same Voltage Regulator-Rectifier, and they fail quite often, RM Stator highly recommends using an efficient and high power handling MOSFET Voltage Regulator-Rectifier on these models.

What is a Mosfet regulator?

MOSFET stands for Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor. When talking about Snowmobile Voltage Regalator-Rectifiers, it refers to a power regulating technology that is much more efficient than the shunt type most OEM use. Instead of sending excess power to ground it actually shuts down parts of the snowmobile stator using very efficient transistors. This type of Voltage Regulator-Rectifier has two primary benefits:

  • Runs much cooler since the rectifier does not shunt to ground, excess current is not turned into heat.
  • Will alleviate unnecessary stator drag on the engine thus freeing up some power.

For a fraction of the price of the OEM Voltage Regulator-Rectifier, you get higher current, more power and less heat. These parts are exceptionally reliable and long-lasting. MOSFET Voltage Regulator-Rectifiers are extremely effective in how they minimise strain on snowmobile stators, keeping your sled in the snow for years to come.