What is a Snowmobile Stator?

A snowmobile stator is an electrical component inside the engine that is responsible for generating electrical current for everything on your sled, from charging the battery to running the lights, ignition, and other electronics. If you're familiar with car engines, a motorcycle stator is very similar to an alternator, in that it generates electrical power for the vehicle.  A stator consists of a number of thin steel plates riveted together to form a core, protected by a plastic, epoxy, or powder coating.  Thin, high temperature insulated solid copper wire is wrapped in coils around the arms (called 'poles') of the stator core.  A metal flywheel is mounted on the end of the crankshaft, covering the stator, and contains strong magnets arranged so they line up with the stator poles.  As the crankshaft turns, the flywheel spins around the stator, creating electrical current in the wire windings.  

If you own your sled for long enough, chances are you will need to replace the stator at some point.  You might be having a problem keeping your battery charged up while riding, your engine may have died from ignition failure, or your snowmobile may be hard to start, or running poorly.  Any of these problems (and more) can be symptoms of a bad or failing snowmobile stator.  Read more on this website to learn how to troubleshoot a problem, how to replace it on your sled, and common stator failures on popular models.  When you're ready to get your new stator, head over to www.rmstator.com, the experts in high quality snowmobile stators!