Vintage / Older / Racing snowmobile stators

Need a stator for a 1973 Elan Ski-doo? A 1974 Moto-Ski? These snowmobile stators are getting very hard to find and have been discontinued for years for the Ski-Doo machines and are no longer available in the aftermarket for the defunct brands. RMSTATOR has many of these in stock and ready to ship! Snowmobile stators, rectifiers, coils, connectors and more!

Snowmobile Stator Rewinding and Repair

RMSTATOR is one of the few companies still offering stator rewinding and repair services! If they don’t have your snowmobile stator available they can often rewind or repair your stator to get you riding again quickly.

This also applies to Voltage Regulator-Rectifiers and other electrical parts. If you have an older or rare sled with no aftermarket support, RMSTATOR can often find you a compatible part from a newer model, or adapt an existing part to fit your needs. It doesn't hurt to ask, head over to and see!

Snowmobile Racing Stators

RMSTATOR makes snowmobile racing stators that supply only basic power for a tail light and the motor's ignition system that produce significantly less engine drag. For those racing in stock bore and stroke classes, this might make the difference between first and second place!