BRP / Ski-Doo snowmobile stator common failures

1200 cc Rotax 4-Tec 4 strokes engine stator

This engine is one of the most popular 4 strokes on the market right now and is extremely reliable except for their stators. 4-Tec stator failure on the Renegade / GSX / GTX / MXZ – MX ZX / Grand Touring / Expedition models are fairly common.

At the base of the problem is the snowmobile stator heat issue. The 1200cc mills generate a huge amount of heat causing two possible stator failures:

Ski-Doo 1200 snowmobile stator overheating / meltdown

The Ski-Doo 1200 snowmobiles are notorious for stator failure due to overheating. RMSTATOR has designed a 100% Canadian built high output snowmobile stator with premium components that runs 40% cooler than  the OEM stator, and has a five year warranty. Install and forget! They are almost 40% cheaper than the OEM snowmobile stator as well. Make sure to also replace the flywheel on these models, see below.

Ski-Doo 1200 snowmobile flywheel magnet bonding failure / mechanical damage

This needs to be done as a preventative measure in the 2009 – 2012 Ski-Doo 1200 snowmobiles. RMSTATOR has designed a flywheel with sealed magnets that cannot ever come loose. The OEM flywheel retails at over 500$ and is susceptible to the same failure. The RMSTATOR flywheel retails for $299, do the math!

The smartest thing to do is save money and replace everything together with RMSTATOR's kit including the Made in Canada snowmobile stator, sealed magnet flywheel, and a stator cover gasket!

And while you're at it, replacing the original Voltage Regulator-Rectifier with a reliable and high power handling MOSFET Voltage Regulator-Rectifier unit will give you a bulletproof bike for years to come!

Ski-Doo 600 cc to 800 cc E-TEC 2 Stroke 2009 – 2014 snowmobile stator

The last of the high powered two stroke engines. Simply the best two stroke on the market. Smallest and lightest also means prone to overheating, unfortunately. If you own one of these, especially the Summit series, you WILL replace a stator in the lifetime of your ride! Not if but when!

The E-tec engines are extremely prone to overheating under heavy load at high rpm. They can take serious abuse but most often to fail will be the stator.

The ROTAX E-TEC 600 – 800 engines have a relatively low output stator that can easily fail when the snowmobile is ridden at sustained high speeds or during serious mountain powder riding.

RMSTATOR has a 100% Canadian made stator for the E-TEC series engines that completely solves this problem. Just like the 4-TEC series these snowmobile stators will run almost 40% cooler with a five year warranty!