Yamaha snowmobile stator common failures

Yamaha Bravo 250 snowmobile stator failure

The popular Yamaha Bravo 250 series has had a long life from 1995 to 2011. Most of these Yamaha snowmobiles are abused beyond belief and still run day in day out. They have a weakness though! Their stators are prone to failure from neglect. Most of these snowmobiles end up stored in a shed or barn most of the year. Humidity is the enemy here, causing corrosion and increased resistance in the connectors and wiring harness, resulting in stator failures from an overworked charging system.

Yamaha 500 cc snowmobile stator failure

Another Yamaha snowmobile that has a tendency to burn up stators is the Yamaha Vector, Venture, RS Rage and Nytro 1000 from 2005 – 2007.

In the 500cc range from 2005 – 2015 Phazer 500 and Venture Lite 500cc are prime candidates for stator failure.

Yamaha Code 12 failure

Code 12: Crankshaft position sensor No normal signals are received from the crankshaft

If you ever see this error on your Yamaha Apex snowmobile and take it to the dealer you’re in for a big surprise! The defective pulser coil is sold only with the stator assembly! That repair is close to $1000 with labor and an unnecessary stator purchase!

RMSTATOR makes the pulser coil you need to fix this problem, and sells it separately for $29. You can't go wrong with this repair on your Yamaha Apex!