Where to buy snowmobile stators?

If you've done it before, or are researching an upcoming job, you know that replacing snowmobile stators can be a pain!  It was much simpler for years when 2 stroke engines were more common, but with late models adopting 4 stroke engines, the job is even more difficult.  This makes it so important to buy a high quality snowmobile stator, and only do the job once.  RMSTATOR, located in Quebec, Canada, the heart of snowmobiling, knows the importance of high quality and reliable stators.  RMSTATOR designs and manufactures a complete line of snowmobile stators, voltage regulator rectifiers, connectors, and more, making them your one-stop shop for snowmobile electrical components.  You'll receive friendly and efficient service, quick shipping, excellent technical support, and a reliable sled for years to come.  

Shop smart, replace your snowmobile stator once, and spend more time riding!