What to consider when buying an aftermarket snowmobile stator?

A message from Mark, Certified Senior Technician for BRP, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki

This is my advice to you the home mechanic, the self-employed and the multi-brand pros out there. Don’t be tempted by the cheap no name untested, unwarranted snowmobile stator out there on the internet.

Been there, tried that and in the end it cost me huge amount of lost labor to replace cheap defective snowmobile stators. RMSTATOR is my choice based on my experiences with their snowmobile stators, rectifier / regulator units and electrical products.

Now RMSTATOR is not the only business giving good service and parts selection. There are a few out there. But from my experience of friendly staff, great service, huge inventory and fast cost effective shipping they are hard to beat.

The stator custom rebuilds and modifications provided for older snowmobile stators / rectifiers / regulators is the icing on the cake.

Give them a try, you can’t lose.